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Canada, as the name turns up, we think about a few things: natural beauty, tourism, international students and immigration. The country is always linked to these four important factors. There is no doubt that the country is blessed with scenic beauty. The landscapes, the waterfalls and amazing sightseeing places distinguish it from the whole world. With such beautiful sites in hand the place is a tourist hub for all over the world. The mesmerising Niagara falls, the other scenic beauty attracts the tourists. Even tourists enjoy the beautiful country with a relaxing mode. Travelling is one of the adventurous parts of the country. The country has progressed quite rapidly and made a big impact on the whole world. The country has been a known international education hub. Students from all over the world come to join the number of courses offered in the universities and colleges in the country.

The country also provides the professionals with privileges such as offering permanent residency to those who fulfil their criterias. It means that the country is offering ‘Invitation to permanent residency’ to those professionals who have applied for the same and they are also fulfilling their criterias regarding the age, profession, experience and language.